Gazette Byte and its management take pride in the contents published on the website. We ensure that all individuals contributing to the website’s efforts are professionals and experts in their chosen field. Therefore, we present them to the public to ensure accountability, and at the same time, allow individuals to contact and inquire about necessary information straight from the contributor.

Mark is Gazette Byte's Senior Analyst. He received his degree in professional journalism from the London College of Communication. Mark worked as a proofreader and editor to previous sites he engaged with. Today, he is a full-time contributor to the Gazette Byte news portal.
Harry is a jack-of-all-trades. He started his career in online publishing as a researcher and freelance contributor to one of UK's top news blog while completing his degree in journalism. In 2016, he started his tech-infused blog site, which covers and discuss the far fringes of developments in the tech industry. This year, he co-started Gazette Byte, as one of his major projects. Harry acts as the site's Editor-in-Chief.
Katrina is a lifestyle blogger and fitness enthusiasts. Aside from working as a professional journalist, she engages with local support groups in aiding poverty via outreach programs that help fund local activist in feeding the poor. Primarily, her focus in publishing contents aim to inform global readers about the gravity of every advancement to the circle of life.
Colleen received her degree in professional journalism from the University of Sheffield. Since 2015, she has been contributing to various news/media outlets and tackling a vast majority of topics that add value to the progress of every headline. She started her blog too, which aims to help individuals, regarding finances and business developments. She is a full-time contributor to the Gazette Byte news portal.
Jerry is a professional journalist with years of experiences in covering healthcare, business, and technology advancements. He received his degree in strategic journalism from the London School of Journalism, and since then, contributed to various media sites a freelance and editor. Today, he is a full-time contributor to Gazette Byte's news blog.